Lenny RudowApril 10th 2012.
Lenny Rudow
Craig Wells of Fidago Yacht Detaiers in Burlingrton Washington, (360) 757-3815 Applied a coat of our Professional Marine Polish to the Sailing Vessel ICON out of Anacortes Washington.  Click on the following URL for a full story on the ICON:


Wax vs. Polish: Which Shines the Best, 3M Performance Paste Wax or Restructure Marine Polish?

Should you use boat wax, or a fiberglass polish? We put 3M up against Restructure, to find out who has the brightest shine.

Bottle after bottle of boat wax and fiberglass polish lines the shelves of marine supply stores—so how are you supposed to know which shines the best? Just about every manufacturer says their product will give you more shine, so it’s hard to pick a winner without years of trying different products. And different products can have different strong points; some protect better or last longer, while others give you the best initial look yet fade more quickly. So, what should you use?

Boat polish from Re-Structure Marine seems to have significantly more shine than the regular old wax.

Boat polish from Restructure Marine, applied to the engine shown on the left, seems to have significantly more shine than the regular old wax (shown here on the right).

To find out what shines the brightest, I tried a high-quality boat wax, 3M Ultra Performance Paste Wax, versus Restructure Marine Polish. Each product was applied to one half of my boat, with micro-fiber cloths. The difference was most obvious in the outboard’s finish, so that’s where I took these pictures.

As you can see from the reflections, the port-side picture shows significantly more shine. That’s the side that got the Restructure Marine Polish. It’s also the side that gets the most sun when the boat is parked, (you can see the decals have faded a bit) and usually, it doesn’t look as shiny in the first place. So, how did Restructure get that mirror-like look? This stuff contains an ingredient called RALG, which Restructure says was created via nanotechnology. Allegedly, its minuscule particles bond with the surface it’s applied to, to form a shiny and protective coating. Whatever this goop consists of, it sure did the trick—that half of my boat came through spring cleaning gleaming like a precious gem.

What about the side that got the wax? As you can see, it had a good shine, too. I’ve used 3M Performance wax in the past, and this is high-quality stuff. If you have hours to spare and can give your boat a complete five-step top-to-bottom beauty treatment, it’s a good product to use for the base-coat of wax. And I know the 3M will protect the finish for at least a month of heavy use in salty waters.

Until I’ve used the boat for a while, I won’t know if the RALG will provide as protective a layer, or if it will last as long as the wax. For the moment the polish is the winner, because that shine simply can’t be beat. But stay tuned. After a few chumming trips involving fish blood, grimy road trips, salty spray, and multiple scrub-downs, I’ll report back on the long-term effects.

-Lenny Rudow

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Re-Structure Marine Polish, No More Wax!

By Lenny Rudow

So, you’d love to say “NO” to wax and go with a boat polish instead, maybe something like Re-Structure Marine Polish? I’m all for trying new maintenance products, especially if it means less elbow grease over the long run. And I’ve had some good luck with polymers, and polishes. (Check out the BTS polymer review at’s-mink-a-mega-shine/ for an example). But Re-Structure claimed their Marine Polish was like no other, so when they sent me a bottle to test, I went to work.

First, the down-sides: Marine Polish is expensive ($30 a bottle), and you can’t apply this stuff over a carnauba-based wax because it’ll seal it in, and the wax will turn yellow over time. Now, the up-sides: Once this stuff is on, they claim it’ll last 36 months… yes, you read that right, 36 months. That’s a heck of a claim, and it’ll take more then 1,000 days before I can verify or debunk it. But let’s remember that if it lasts one full season, that’s already a heck of a lot better then most polymers and polishes. So I de-waxed a section of my boat, and rubbed on the Marine Polish to try it out.

At least upon initial application, the gel coat looks great. This stuff has a shine-factor of 10, which they claim is due to the use of RALG, which has particles measured on the nano-scale. That means they’re so tiny they can fill the microscopic pores in the gel coat.

You can bet that I’ll be keeping a close eye (and reporting back) on how well this stuff seals the fiberglass, eases wash-downs, and maintains its shine. In fact, I’m giving it the ultimate challenge. The section I applied it to is directly underneath my cutting board’s drain. That means the Marine Polish will be chum-splattered and blood soaked on a regular basis throughout 2010 and beyond.  Stay tuned… and meanwhile, you can see what Re-Structure has to say about this stuff, at

January 20, 2012

RMP Office Relocation

Effective February 1, 2012, Restructure Marine Products LLC will move its headquarters to a new location
    500 E. Carson Plaza Drive, Suite 107A
    Carson, CA.  90746

Business growth throughout 2011 required that the company take on more space in order to better serve its customer base.
Our phone number (310) 639-7069, email address, and website, will remain the same.
A Toll Free 800 number, (800) 264-1507 has beeen installed to facilitate faster customer access to Sales and Customer Service.

We thank those who have supported us since 2003 and we look forward to providing leading edge polish and compound
products to continue meeting your boat, auto, aircraft and motorcycle  care needs

March 3, 2011

Review from  Terry Ingram

I never would have believed how good this stuff is (Professional Marine Polish) untii i tried it !!!!  
A friend of mine said I had t try it and Whoaaaaaaa!!!!  This stuff is awesome!  
I used it on a 1999 28' Donzi that was starting to get oxidized and they were right.
 Only needs to be done once every couple of years.  I will not use anything else.  
Any chance of getting a deal on a gallon for my new boat, a Meridian 341??

February 19, 2011

Restructure Marine Products LLC adds a Line of Products for the Aviation Industry

in response to customer demand, RMP has added two new products, RMP Crystal Diamond Glaze Airplane Polish and RMP Crystal Diamond Glaze Helicopter Polish.
Both products have been formulated to be used on all Airplane and Helicopter interior and exterior surfaces including propellers and rotor blades.

February 3, 2011

Restructure Marine Products LLC is now on Facebook.  

Click on the following link to check out the RMP Facebook page for the latest product information, pics of polished cars, boats, etc.,  Distributor information and Discussion Boards on customer experiences.

Press Release

August 29, 2010

Restructure Marine Products  LLC announced the addition of a new Nanotechnology based Industrial category of products.  The first product in the Industrial group is a mold release agent,
RMP One Step Mold Super Sealer.  


RMP One Step Mold Super Sealer is a premium high durability semi-permanent, water based product designed to meet the environmentally friendly World Wide Green requirement. It is a release coating specially formulated to provide multiple release efficiency without residual build up.  Our Super Sealer provides a cost effective solution for mold release, die-cast release and plastic release applications.

Properties produced by our Nanotechnology process include:

High Heat Stability

Low Surface tension

Excellent oxidation resistance

Multiple use efficiencies

Excellent mold release properties

Zero cure time required


RMP One Step Mold Super Sealer is a microscopic coating that adheres to substrate surfaces while repelling oil and water. At the same time it reduces friction by filling up the pores of the mold surfaces. This filling in process allows resins and other casting materials to glide over substrate surfaces, minimizing friction. The normal release problems such as sticking and parts-stuck-in-mold are eliminated. 

RMP One Step Mold Super Sealer is the new Nanotechnology based means of mold release technology. 
The use of mold wash, mold lubricants, mold waxes are not required after the first application of RMP One Step Mold Super Sealer .


One step application.

Rub sealer on mold surface until haze disappears.

No residues to remove.



Repels water and oils

Performance Guaranteed

If not completely satisfied with performance purchase price will be refunded.


RMP One Step Mold Super Sealer is easily applied by starting with a clean mold surface. Apply a very thin coat of the sealer and rub with a soft cloth until a shine appears.  The mold surface is now sealed and ready for use.  

Recommend for releasing epoxies, phenolics, polyester resins, rubber, polyamides and elastomers.

For use on mold or plug substrates, FRP/GRP composites, glass, aluminum and steel.

Product Reviews

February 1, 2011

Early in 2006 I polished my 2000 Mercedes with the original Restructure Marine Polish.  The result was incredible.  I was receiving compliments from friends and neighbors alike.  I drove the car in Southern California for three years, in Indiana in the spring, summer and fall of 2009, in Florida the winter and spring of 2010, and back in Indiana in the summer, fall and winter to date in 2011.  Other than rain, the car hasn’t been washed more than 3 times since 2006.
In Indiana I’ve been driving in winter salt.  Last week I noticed a lot of salt on all of the doors and fenders.  (The car is black)  Last Thursday the temperature got up to 34 degrees, was somewhat “hazy humid” but not raining.  The next day, all of the salt was gone from the entire car.  It’s as though the humidity alone rinsed the salt off of the car.
It’s been 5 years since the original application of the polish, and I’m still receiving compliments for a 10 year old car.  This is an incredible product.
John Mathias

August 29, 2010
Mark Silvey, our Western Distributor received this review from one of his customers,

We have completed TANGO, ( ), our Queen of the lake vessel with your product.  She is a $1 Mil custom picnic boat with 7 layers of Axel JET BLACK paint  She has never looked os good!!  Like Glass..  Great product Mark.  Have you had anyone use this on Cars?  I do my own detailing on my vessels and they are very high worth.  Your product fits PERFECT.  Please send me the car product data.

Dave Despard
Chief Executive Officer | Fastlane 40, Ltd.


I have a black Yukon XL that was  looking really abused.  I was sure that the only way for my black paint to look new again was to pay a professional detailer to use a high speed buffer.  I polished it myself with the Crystal Diamond Glaze Super Auto polish product just to hold me over until I could pay a professional...but the results are amazing!  The truck looks brand new!   No need to pay for a high speed buff.




Just a follow-up to our earlier dialog. In a nutshell, you product WAY outperforms anything I’ve tried in the past, (a rather extensive list). I’ve had the polish on the boat since early October, and had some rater brutal environs to get through, (i.e. standard LA Harbor petroliates (sic?) and the SoCal fires late last year). The Re-structure polish does not appear to have degraded at all since initial application. I normally would be recompounding/rewaxing the entire boat by now if I was using marine carnuba wax, (not my favorite project). Neighbors, (and dockmaster) at the marina are also highly impressed. Would recommend the product for anyone with a gelcoat finish.

Thx again for providing a outstanding solution with your product


– 01/16/09


Improved Formulation

As of June 21st, 2010, We are shipping an improved Professional Marine Polish formulation that has an increased amount of RALG and UV inhibitors.  This new formulation provides an increase in protection against the intrusion of oil and other petroleum products into the gelcoat or Marine paint on the hull of your vessel.  A positive added benefit is a more brilliant shine.

- 6/20/10

Restructure Marine LLC Polish Wins MAATS Innovation Award

Restructure Marine Products LLCProfessional Marine Polish, a new compound that uses nanotechnology to shine and protect marine surfaces, was one of six marine aftermarket products honored July 17 for innovative achievement. 

– 07/21/08