RMP has made several improvements to the original Fire Glaze formulation by increasing the amount of Tempera-Flex® and UV inhibitors contained in the entire line of Fire Glaze products.

Our Fire Glaze polish product will provide protection for up to three years without any renewal application. Besides one coat lasting three years and protecting the vehicle from oxidation, Fire Glaze is a one-step product. There is no rubbing compound necessary on most vehicles. Fire Glaze will also protect against nature’s elements including UV.

To properly apply Fire Glaze, first, wash the vehicle with soap and water, and then dry the vehicle thoroughly. If mild oxidation exists, use Fire Glaze Micro Finishing Compound either by hand rubbing or with a machine buffer (Max rpm 1500) to remove all oxidized paint, etc). h. In either case, do not let it dry to a haze. You rub it in until it disappears. If the vehicle you are putting Fire Glaze on has a metallic paint that has faded or is too far gone, nothing will bring back the luster or gloss even if you use a rubbing compound. The reason why is that metallic paints before 1977 were not acrylic metallics. They were lead-based metallics with a lacquer coating. When the sun burns off the lacquer coating, all you have left is the lead. Any polish applied to lead will turn black. You just cannot polish lead. However, any acrylic metallic after 1977; any lacquered paint job before 1977; any enamel paint job before 1977; and any acrylic enamel before 1977 can have Fire Glaze applied. Fire Glaze will restore the color of the paint on any vehicle as long as the paint is still on the vehicle, and the primer is not showing through.

After you have used our Fire Glaze Micro Finishing Compound to remove old wax and oxidation and you have gotten the high gloss to appear on the vehicle, apply a coat of Fire Glaze, but this time rub it lightly until the high gloss shine reappears. Do the entire vehicle a section at a time and do not let the polish dry to a haze, just rub it until it shines. You should only apply Fire Glaze on a cool, dry surface, preferably in the shade.

Fire Glaze will also protect against salt, road tar, diesel fuel, gasoline, and even brake fluid. Fire Glaze has many uses. You can take a small amount of Fire Glaze and actually “seal” your windshield by rubbing the polish into the glass until it disappears. Do the inside and outside of the windows on your car, airplane, etc. Fire Glaze is so unique, it will effectively stop aluminum and brass from oxidizing. It will polish silver, gold, enamel (on major appliances, etc.). Its uses are limitless. Its protection cannot be beat by anything on the market today.