Product Reviews


I have a black Yukon XL that was looking really abused. I was sure that the only way for my black paint to look new again was to pay a professional detailer to use a high speed buffer. I polished it myself with the Crystal Diamond Glaze Super Auto polish product just to hold me over until I could pay a professional…but the results are amazing! The truck looks brand new! No need to pay for a high speed buff.



Just a follow-up to our earlier dialog. In a nutshell, you product WAY outperforms anything I’ve tried in the past, (a rather extensive list). I’ve had the polish on the boat since early October, and had some rater brutal environs to get through, (i.e. standard LA Harbor petroliates (sic?) and the SoCal fires late last year). The Re-structure polish does not appear to have degraded at all since initial application. I normally would be recompounding/rewaxing the entire boat by now if I was using marine carnuba wax, (not my favorite project). Neighbors, (and dockmaster) at the marina are also highly impressed. Would recommend the product for anyone with a gelcoat finish.

Thx again for providing a outstanding solution with your product



Improved Formulation

As of June 21st, 2010, We are shipping an improved Professional Marine Polish formulation that has an increased amount of RALG and UV inhibitors.  This new formulation provides an increase in protection against the intrusion of oil and other petroleum products into the gelcoat or Marine paint on the hull of your vessel.  A positive added benefit is a more brilliant shine.





Restructure Marine LLC Polish Wins MAATS Innovation Award

Restructure Marine Products LLC Professional Marine Polish, a new compound that uses nanotechnology to shine and protect marine surfaces, was one of six marine aftermarket products honored July 17, 2008 for innovative achievement.