About Us


Restructure Marine Products LLC, (RMP) evolved from a need expressed by fiberglass power and sailboat owners who berth their boats in a harsh salt-water environment, to protect their boats and ultimately their investment. We explored the scientific world of Nanotechnology and found RALG®, a substance created by MB International USA CO that bonds with the surface it is applied to at the molecular level. We developed a series of products using RALG®, specifically for marine use to restore gel coat to its original luster seal and protect the exterior fiberglass gel coat, stainless steel and polished aluminum rails and fixtures for a period of three years. A Micro Finishing Compound was developed to be used for removing light oxidation and filling in small scratches and blemishes in fiberglass gel coat and returning the shine to Stainless Steel, Chrome and polished aluminum. A quick shine product, Mirasol, was developed for use on interior boat surfaces

Customers asked that we develop a product line that would work well with the enamels and Clear cost finishes of cars, airplanes, helicopters, and other vehicles related to transportation. Our response was to develop a line of products under the Fire Glaze brand to met those needs. Fireglaze products differ from the majority of our water based Restructure Marine Products in that they are Solvent based.

We thoroughly test each of our products before recommending them to our customers.

The composition of the Restructure Marine Products LLC line of boat care products contains RALG®. RALG® is manufactured by MB International USA CO using Nanotechnology and when applied properly bonds with fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel and painted surfaces at the molecular level. The composition of our Fire Glaze line of products contains the Nano ingredient Tempra-Flex which has the same properties of the RALG used in the Marine products.

Nanotechnology was first introduced in 1959 and is the term used to describe a manufacturing technology for producing materials and substances at the nanoscale level.

In the metric system of measurement, Nano equals a billionth and therefore a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. References to nano materials, nano devices and nanopowders simply mean the material can be measured in nanometers. To appreciate the size, a human red blood cell is over 2,000 nanometers long, virtually outside the nanoscale range!

How Does Nanotechnology apply to products offered by Restructure Marine Products LLC and Fire Glaze?

The particles in RALG®, the main substance in the line of products offered by Restructure Marine Products LLC and Fire Glaze line are measured in the nano scale or at the molecular level. This small particulate size gives our products the unique ability to fill in the pores and seal and protect surfaces to which it is applied such as fiberglass, fiberglass gel coat, stainless steel, polished aluminum and chrome with a rock hard finish.