Nanotechnology Based High Performance
Car, Motorcycle, Airplane and RV Polish Products

RMP Crystal Diamond Glaze products are specially formulated using a Nanotechnology process that creates molecular sized particles of RALG®, the ingredient that penetrates and seals painted and bare metal surfaces and also fiberglass. RALG® penetrates the pores of paints, bare metal and fiberglass and forms a covalent bond with the molecular structure of the surface or paint while curing to a rock hard glass like finish that provides extended protection from pollution, UV rays, residue from road grime, eggs, dirt, brake shoe dust, exhaust soot and acid rain.

RMP Crystal Diamond Glaze products are a derivative of our highly successful group of Marine Polish products also Nanotechnology produced using RALG®. RMP Crystal Diamond Glaze products have been specially nano reformulated to work with the Acrylic Enamel, Urethane, Lacquer and Clear Coat paints used by the majority of vehicle manufacturers. Clear coat paint is a paint without pigment. Non-clear coat paints are paints with pigment added to give the paint color. UV inhibitors are an additive that helps prevent the sun’s ultra violet rays from fading the color coat under the clear coat. Most of all cars, motorcycles, airplanes, trucks and RV’s have a clear coat finish. Clear coat finishes are a layer of clear resin applied over the top of colored paint. Clear coat like paint needs to be regularly maintained to keep it in top shape. Paint and Clear coat finishes need to be polished periodically to maintain their glossy shine.

Key Benefits

Easy to Use

Takes less than 45 minutes to polish a car or Motorcycle.
Super Polish can be applied by hand or machine buffer
Buffers can also be used with the Micro Finishing Compound
No residues to remove.


UV Protection
Helps reduce fading


Will not create swirl marks like traditional car wax/polishes

Performance Guaranteed

If not completely satisfied with performance, purchase price will be refunded.

A Micro Finishing Compound was developed to be used for removing light oxidation and filling in small scratches and blemishes in paints and clearcoats and returning the shine to Stainless Steel, Chrome and polished aluminum and painted surfaces.

We thoroughly test each of our products in the real world before recommending them to our customers.